Our Approach

Utilizing our staff residential designer and interior decorators, J & J Concepts strives to build a home that fits your lifestyle and budget. Our team of professionals understand that for most clients, your home is your most important purchase. Building your dream home entails many decisions and a tremendous amount of time. J & J Concepts building process is designed to make building your home enjoyable and efficient.

Key Benefits

Creative insight lends itself to remarkable results. With over 30 years of decorating experience, our award winning designers can create a home that is uniquely you. Our two staff interior designers offer complete interior design services. They will give you as little or as much assistance as needed. It ranges from coordinating color schemes to a full range of interior decorating.

Quality and Craftsmanship

A house is only as functional as the floor plan. Years of preparation have gone into making us a home builder. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is what makes us an exceptional builder. A house is not your home until it is decorated to your taste. Let J & J Concepts help enhance the style of your home to reflect your taste.

Budget Process

After the design process, J & J Concepts interior designers take you shopping. Working with Patti and Greta, you will visit some of our subcontractors showrooms to preliminarily choose what elements you would like to incorporate in your home. By committing to this process, J & J uses the items you have selected to comprise the budget for your home. For example, the price of the cabinetry that you selected will be your “allowance” amount on the contract. 

This enables the client to have the elements in your home that they desire without worrying later that they won’t fit into their allowance. After the initial selections, J & J will comprise a booklet showing all of your selections and the final contract amounts. Additionally, if budget modifications need to be made, the client can decide their own order of importance.

Design Development

During your initial meetings with J & J Concepts, Jerry Jr. and Patti Nelson will help you prioritize your design needs and desires. Together, as a team, we will work to maximize your construction budget with your dreams. Our goal is to channel your dreams into an exceptional J & J Concepts home. Starting with small scale sketches, Patti develops your lay-out and gives you a glimpse of the homes structure. After these sketches are perfected, plans are drawn to your exact specifications.

Construction Phase

During construction, Jerry Nelson Jr. and Mani Dieppa oversee all facets of the construction process. Frequent updates and consultations with you are necessary and to be expected. As a J & J client, you will receive a “gantt chart,” which will track all elements of construction and keep your project on time. Jerry Jr. and Mani work during and after your home is constructed to ensure that your home is built to exact specifications and quality.

Our Commitment

Owners of truly special homes measure their value by livability. This is intricately tied to the homes design and craftsmanship. Our approach ensures that we fulfill our commitment to you, to deliver a home of extraordinary quality on time and on track with your budget.