Winter Fantasy Mantel Wreath

08 Dec Winter Fantasy Mantel Wreath

For this year’s mantel wreath, Patti started out with a basic 36″ wreath that they’ve had in the family for about 20 years.  Patti likes to do something new with it every year so she uses green pipe cleaners instead of hot glue to hold the decorative elements in place which allows it to be changed out easily.   She attached some small gold and silver pine cones left over after decorating their tree.  Patti loves the detail on the pine cones but was afraid they’d be lost in their 9 foot tree.  Jerry sprayed some sticks with silver paint and Patti tied them with green floral wire across the middle of the wreath.  Then she added white silk “winter” hydrangeas, lambs ears (Patti’s favorite perennial this year) and iced sticks.  For the final touch, she attached silver ribbon that she acquired from a florist shop.  It has so much glitter that she doesn’t think it will all come up until February!  Then she made a bow out of a similar ribbon and for something different, she placed four tail pieces from it.


Once Jerry hung the wreath, Patti carefully placed the ornaments on the sticks with regular wire hangers.  They’re very pleased with how the wreath turned out this year and just may leave it as is for next year.  Patti generally adds elements of red to their Christmas decorations but she decided to just leave the red out this year.  Jerry and Patti are amazed at how taking that one color element out has added such a classy effect to their Christmas this year.  Patti loves red so it will probably reappear next year but they’re enjoying the change this Christmas.